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Supermarket Coming to Vacant Sizzler Site on Metropolitan Avenue

The supermarket will take over the vacant restaurant. (Google Maps)

July 5, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A new supermarket is set to take over the vacant Sizzler restaurant site on Metropolitan Avenue, according to Department of Buildings (DOB) filings.

The DOB permits, filed back in April of this year, call for a change of use for the 100-27 Metropolitan Avenue property from a restaurant to a supermarket.

The property’s current zoning, C1-3, allows for both types of establishments, meaning the supermarket operator will not be required to secure any zoning changes.

The 5,400 square foot building was previously occupied by chain restaurant Sizzler, which unexpectedly closed in 2015 after 20 years of business, reportedly due to high rent costs.

The new supermarket will have 22 designated car parking space in their lot, according to the permit application, which was approved on May 30.

The DOB filings indicate that the new store will go by the name Metropolitan Food Court, operated by an individual named Peter Bivona.

Bivona did not respond to request for comment.

The Queens Chronicle was first to report on this story.

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Any updates on this? There has been significant progress but still no real word on what it will be or what they will offer. If anyone has information please share. Thank you.

Sara Ross

YEA NOT ANOTHER RESIDENTIAL BUILDING!!!! Something that’s actually needed! The name does need to be changed though because food court is something you see at malls. Maybe Metropolitan Avenue Supermarket? The parking lot definitely helps.

Great Idea

Metropolitan Food Court gives them room to branch out in case they’re a success. I could totally see a place like that opening a second location on Queens Blvd if it was a hit. If the place is going to be more like a micro sized Chelsea market with different stalls and more gourmet items and possibly an eating area then I think the Food Court part is great, if it’s just going to be a traditional supermarket, then yea, not sure about the Food Court. If anyone on here finds out additional info on this, please share!


yeah they’re great if you like thumbs on the scale, no tare weight and every one of your requests “a little over okay?”. time for something new and better.

Forest Hills Shopper

LOL, I do shop at Metro Meats from time to time and the quality is fine but I can totally see where MeatMan11375 is coming from. I could get a couple of things there and easily spend $50, and that’s not even for grass fed products, which they don’t have. We need a good quality grass fed meat market somewhere in the area.


Metro Meats butchers are really nice, but they weigh, then trim. Many butchers I go to trim and then weigh–the difference in cost is amazing.


This actually a great idea. The area doesn’t have a lot of places to get food and tons of jobs will be created.


We need another specialty supermarket and thank god the homeless won’t sleep on the door way


What is the name of the supermarket that’s coming to Metropolitan Ave where the Sizzler was

Lucia Zaccaria

Not a good name.Rethink your ideas.Ive been a merchant here for 35 years and that name will not sell THIS community.. The name sounds more like a restaurant court than somewhere to shop .


What the corp or llc is labeled as is not necessarily what the DBA will be or the actual name on the sign. Typical Forest Hills to complain about something positive that isn’t even finished yet. You could open a shop that hands out free gold coins and the residents here would complain that the lines are too long.

John O'Reilly

Count me as at least one resident who will not complain if a new enterprise in the Sizzler location hands out gold coins for free.


What do you think will go there that will not “cause traffic”? it used to be a restaurant. Before that it was a supermarket. The parking lot is there for customers. if you think that there’s going to be a line of cars down the block, you’re not touch with reality.

Great Idea

This is good news since that area is underserved. The footprint seems small though. The Food Court name makes me think it will be more of a gourmet experience and less traditional supermarket. Be glad it’s not another bank or pharmacy!

Foodie Hills

Excellent news for all! South Forest Hills needs an alternative to Stop n’ Shop in addition new options for meat and fish. Hopefully this is a new addition that quickly becomes a neighborhood staple. Thanks for the update.

Tracie M.

Absolutely! Stop n shop is so darn far to walk from my house, this Supermarket will be about 3 minutes from me


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