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Station Square to Reopen in May, Restoration of Brick Roadway Almost Complete

Forest Hills LIRR station

Station Square Prior to Construction (QP)

March 20, 2019 By Jon Cronin

The restoration of the brick roadway at Station Square is nearly complete and the historic area is expected to reopen to traffic in May.

The roadway at Station Square, which is located by the Forest Hills LIRR Station and is the main entry point to Forest Hills Gardens, has been undergoing a major revamp over the past year to prevent it from deteriorating beyond repair.

The job has involved lifting all the historic red bricks and then putting them back down so they are level. Damaged bricks have been replaced, while those that were kept were either cleaned or repaired.

“I would say 80 percent of the original bricks were kept,” said Tony Barsamian, a Forest Hills Gardens Corporation board member. The new bricks, he added, were custom-made to match the originals.

Barsamian said that the corporation had been repairing the bricks on a patchwork basis in recent years but eventually came to the conclusion that the whole surface had to be redone. Furthermore, the roadway was not level in places so they bricks needed to be re-laid.

The work began in April and the area has been closed to vehicular traffic east of 71st Avenue for the past year. Construction was expected to finish in December but the project has been delayed due to weather.

Barsamian said that the square was built in 1912 and the red brick roadwork was put down to match charming European villages.

Station Square (Photo: Wikimedia)

“It was built then with the best craftmanship at the time,” Barsamian said. “This time we are using the same quality and craftmanship as then–just with today’s technology.”

Barsamian said that the original masons built a roadway that lasted 100 years. “We’re trying to restore it to make sure it lasts another 100 years,” he said.

The bricks are being laid with sand, much like they were originally. Barsamian said that they are not using mortar since it cracks in icy conditions.

The square is part of the private Forest Hills Gardens community, which was created in 1909 by landscape architects Grosvenor Atterbury and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.

Barsamian said that there will be a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the reopening. He said that those residents who helped organize the work will be honored, and that attendees will get to admire “the beauty, grandeur and functionality” of revamped square.

The Area Closed Off (Source: Forest Hills Gardens Corp.)


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Concerned Citizen Too

This had to be completed before concert season, they weren’t in a rush to finish it for the community – Let’s hope they also take the time to fix the sidewalks that they’ve ripped apart during construction.

Lynn Kew

Too bad it took so long. That’s probably why Jade went out of business because no one could get near the restaurant!


the workers worked hard in difficult conditions. but I hoped for better results – the opened part on 71 Ave is uneven, especially where bricks meet the paved part of the road, you better slow down ))


Anyone who is actually from Forest Hills doesn’t refer to it as “FoHi”.

Concerned Citizen

Let’s hope this projected date is accurate however I fear the reconstruction and renovation was not done well in certain areas. The contractors never leveled the subfloor before laying the new brick. There will be pooling and broken bricks within months. The area by Dirty Pierre’s is no better than when they first started. Most likely the best example of the negligence and shoddy work being completed. Before FHGC signs the check they should evaluate the work, have areas of concern addressed and repaired or have it written into the contract that any repairs needed from negligent labor would be repaired at the cost of XINOS and the FHGC or residents.

FHGC Resident

Work was not done by Xinos but by Boccia. I think it looks beautiful. This is a brick pavement; it will never be as smooth as asphalt. And, anyway, cars need to slow down; I’ve seen too many drivers speeding and ignoring traffic signals.

FHG Resident

My apologies I assumed Xinos did the work since they were the ones who restored all of Station Square before this project. Either way it does look beautiful but Boccia never mad the area flat before laying new brick. There will be pooling. There already is. Considering the amount of money spent on this project it should have been done better because it will not survive too many winters and the repair work should not be at the cost of the FHGC or residents.

Inn & Out.

Unfortunately I agree with “FHG Resident” live in the FH Inn. The road in Station Square is no better than it was before it was simply an aesthetic refresh. It is the same uneven road with poor drainage. Sewers and gutters were not installed or widened and a fair amount of damage has been done to the sidewalks and pedestrian ways. Hopefully before the curtains are lifted and the area reopened the company responsible will repair and address all these issues if not then the sidewalks & curbs at a minimum.

FHGC Resident

Xinos never restored Station Square. They did however do the exterior renovation work at One Station Square co-op bldg.


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