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Meng to Introduce Legislation to Stop Trump from Declaring a National Emergency to Fund Border Wall

Grace Meng (Photo: Meng)

Jan. 11, 2019 By Christian Murray

U.S. Rep. Grace Meng announced Thursday that she will be introducing legislation that aims to block President Donald Trump from declaring a national emergency so that he can build a border wall.

The “No Walls Act” would prohibit the construction of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border if national emergencies are declared during government shutdowns. Under the measure, barriers would include fences, walls and steel slats.

“It is unconscionable that President Trump is threatening to side-step Congress and declare a fake national emergency in order to build his wall, as funding for the government and more than 800,000 federal workers hangs in the balance,” Meng said in a statement.

“We must send a clear message to the President that creating this type of manufactured emergency for the sole purpose of securing an unrealistic campaign promise is unacceptable,” Meng added.

Meng said she plans to introduce the bill Friday and questioned the constitutionality of using a national emergency to fund the wall.

“There can be legitimate national emergencies. Federal agencies can construct authorized border barriers. But the President can’t just refuse to fund the government, say [‘Emergency’] and get whatever political wish he desires,” she said. “That’s not how the Constitution works. The passage of my legislation would ensure that this outrageous abuse of power does not happen, and I urge all of my colleagues to support it.”

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Al aloni

Why don’t the democrats do what they’ve done in the past. Fund the wall. All democrats care about is illegals as declared by our communist mayor DeBlasio & Gavin Newsom new governor of California. They will suck all the legal citizens dry to pay for their socialist fantasies. Problem is most people are stupid to think only rich will pay for their dreams. Everyone will pay. If NY cared about it’s citizens it would look to lower taxes & fees not raise them. Regular people are suffering they can’t afford to pay


The Clinton government shutdown in 1995 was 21 days. That’s ok, he was forgiven for EVERYTHING he did. Trump sincerely wants to protect this country. He has been in the White House the last several weeks. No vacation. Where is Nancy? In Hawaii and, this weekend, in P.R. having a warm time seeing the play Hamilton. Remember September 11, 2001??

facts machine

Agreed, the Trump Shutdown was the longest in our nation’s history. After 34 days he just ended up taking the deal he could have taken on day 1, the fault is purely his.

1. Before the shutdown Trump told Schumer and Pelosi, “I’ll shut down the government. I’ll take the mantle. I won’t blame you.” (that alone should be enough to make the blame clear)
2. The House and Senate have both already passed the same bill (the Senate unanimously), and Trump refused to sign it.
3. The Democrats have offered a deal to do it in return for DACA, which Trump has previously claimed he’s in favor of.
4. In the end, the wall will probably actually cost around $50billion, with no result.
5. Trump and the Republicans had total control over the government for 2 years, and didn’t fund the wall. The one Trump said Mexico would pay for.

…but “WHATABOUT NANCY?!” is still a great argument lmao

Glenda Kuller

Because N.Y. is A Blue State.
Common sense Conservative’s who make up A hidden minority have to put up with such venal and ignorant statements solely for political purposes.
Angel Moms and parents of
dead children who have suffered grief because of illegal Aliens who have murdered them, and Fentanyl coming across our border as well as sex
crimes all have been ignored
by The left. The last people who are being cared about are Americans. They are still in denial that Hillary lost the election of 2016 and we need to respect The Office Of The President Of The United States in A civil manner. It is all about the 2020 Election and nothing more!

stan chaz

Deport Trump and make Russia pay for it.
HE’s the real national emergency,
–a shameless divider-in-chief
who will bankrupt this country both physically and morally
just as he did with his casinos, as he cold-heartedly shafted his workers and betrayed his wife.


Obama, hillary supported the same barrier concept. Check their public videos. $5billion is not alot compared to all other programs approved by democrats. We all know is because the purpose is to make white house look bad before 2020.


These politicians really need to start working for the American people that elect them into office instead of trying to score political points and siding with illegal’s who don’t belong here. Fund That Wall and End The Shutdown Already….

very stable genius

We shouldn’t side with people like you that are so stupid they think they need to use an apostrophe to pluralize words.

As soon as Mexico pays for the wall, like the gullible Trumpeters believed they would, it will be funded right? Why do we need the Trump Shutdown, the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history?


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