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Man Released After Being Arrested for Shoving Asian Woman on Flushing Street: DA

An image of the alleged suspect and 135-45 Roosevelt Ave. (@oliviamunn and Google Maps)

Feb. 19, 2021 By Christian Murray

The man who was arrested Thursday for assaulting a 52-year-old Asian woman on a Flushing street was released from custody early this morning.

Patrick Mateo, 47, who was charged with assault and harassment, was released this morning at around 3 a.m. without bail, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

Mateo was arrested yesterday after being seen in a viral video shoving the victim to the ground at around 1:50 p.m. Tuesday following a verbal altercation.

The video shows Mateo throw an item at the woman outside New Flushing Bakery, located at 135-45 Roosevelt Ave., before pushing her to ground, where she sustained a head injury—requiring stitches.

The video, taken from grainy surveillance footage, has gained more than 360,000 views on Instagram.

The victim, Leelee Chin-Yeung, told police that she was standing in line to enter the bakery when she asked Mateo whether he was in the line.

According to court documents, he grew extremely angry, cursed at her and then put his hand in her face. He then went inside the bakery, grabbed a box and threw it at her before shoving her into a newspaper stand. She then fell to the pavement.

Chin-Yeung suffered a laceration to her forehead and lost consciousness. She was treated at a local hosptial.

Mateo was charged with assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree.

There were no hate crime charges stemming from the attack. The victim’s daughter had said online that Mateo had used racial slurs leading up to the incident.

Mateo was released “under supervision.” Details as to what the “supervision” entails were not known at press time.


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Dean Cho

Note the light treatment received by white perp. Wonder how he would have been treated if black. White privilege exists even for criminals.

Allen N

Time to sue this Mateo Dude for really roughing up this elderly woman. Even if he is released without bail, he can be sued for beating up this poor lady and causing harm with his violence. I saw the video many times and see how this dude’s uncontrolled violence devastated this poor woman. We need more accountbility from the government towards this type of racial violence and behavior. The local government and police have suffer great damage their reputation from this continuing dismissal of holding racist violence accountability.


This guy was released under supervision? Is this really justice? If he were a person of color, anyone would think that he’d released so quickly? If this is not discrimination, what is? Is this really America, the role model that the rest of the world is supposed to look up to?


Attaching a defendless older woman for no reason. That is a crime and he should be in jail. What is wrong with the law enforcement in N. Y?

Steve Brothers

Nothing is wrong with Law Enforcement , it’s what it always has been, the court system


(718) 286-6000
Queens District Attorneys Office
Please voice your concerns. A person who assaulted an old lady while screaming racist words to her? She suffered a concussion and needed stitches. This is unacceptable. People need to speak up! This only makes it seem its ok to assault asian women. Remember Vincent Chen


Really sad sad sad state of affairs here in the US in recent two three years. Especially after the “Kung Flu”, Wuhan Flu, Chinese Flu espoused by the bully in the White House, there has been an accelerated attacks on Asians especially elderly and women. It is such a shame these brave macho Americans pick on the aged and weak. What a sad piece of shit this Mateo guy is who is twice the size of the 5′-3″ women whom he cursed, beat and gave a running push to injure her. What a shame the government releasing this piece of shit without bail. What is this country becoming? Sad, sad, sad if you ask me.


Released without bail under supervision? What the heck is that?

What does it take in NYC to be held for assault injuring someone? It it for the victim to die? At the very least he should have been held for a psychiatric anger problem eval.

Stephen Gove

This guy needs to spend a lot of time in prison
And pay the victim at least 50,009 dollars for her injuries and the ptsd
She now will suffer with for years

Gordon Ellis

This guy is either mentally ill , a racist or both. He should have been charged with attempted murder with no bail so that he realizes what he did was absolutely wrong. He currently is a possible threat to public safety and to himself. For his own good-Lock him up! Then he may be able to receive the mental help he may /probably needs. He unarguably has exhibited a severe anger management problem that will occur again if not dealt with now.


Why do people automatically assume mental illness when the perpetrator is a white man? He spewed racist words while assaulting a poor old woman. Not only is this guy a coward, he was spewing racist words while doing so.

K Low

The release of attacker without bail shows that not only are attacks on Asians increasing but acceptable to this court.


Police agency is a joke!
You release him, no bail and claim it wasn’t a hate crime but he’s under supervision. Let this have been a person of color who had did such a hateful thing. If they would not have been shot, they would still be in jail, not being able to afford bail.

This is the problem. You have racist white cowards and this police agency have men who are just like him.

I love my policemen/women, the real ones who protect and serve, not the ones who hate and kill.


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