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ICE Conducts Raid, Several Queens Residents Arrested

(Photo: ICE)

Jan, 29, 2019 By Christian Murray

Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) announced today that it arrested 118 undocumented immigrants in New York in a five-day raid this month, including many residents from Queens.

ICE said that the arrests were made between Jan 14 and 18 in New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

The agency said that 107 of the individuals arrested were convicted criminals or had pending charges. ICE listed some of the felons including a Corona resident who had been convicted of forcible touching; a Kew Gardens man who is a registered sex offender; and a Flushing resident who had been convicted for grand larceny and other charges.

ICE said that 55 of the 118 individuals arrested had either been issued a deportation order but had not left the country, or had previously been removed and returned illegally.

The agency has come under harsh criticism in New York in recent times, with many politicians—most notably Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez–calling for ICE to be abolished. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have been harsh critics of these types of raids.

Politicians have also criticized ICE for targeting undocumented immigrants as they attempt to go to or leave court.

But ICE slammed New York City and other jurisdictions since 35 of the individuals arrested had been released by local law enforcement—despite ICE placing a hold on them. It said that these municipalities were putting the public at risk.

“In years past, most of these individuals would have been turned over to ICE by local authorities upon release from jail based on ICE detainers,” the agency said. “Now that many sanctuary cities—including New York City—do not honor ICE detainers, these individuals, who often have significant criminal histories, are released onto the street, presenting a public safety threat.”

ICE said that when criminals are released onto the street the agency has to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and work sites. The agency said that efforts by local politicians to shield such individuals create a magnet for more illegal immigration.

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stan chaz

Haters out there should stop watching Fox Faux News for just a brief minute and look up the fact that immigrants commit crimes at less a rate than native-born Americans. Of course if you make the fact of coming here undocumented or overstaying your visa a crime, then you create an impossible Catch-22 situation. and you compound that fact by making it impossible for people to legally work or drive or support themselves and their families. We need amnesty, just as prior Republican President Ronald Reagan did, —not more persecution of our neighbors.

Your immigrant grand-parents & great-great parents,–those who fled poverty and oppression in the old country –must be rolling over in their graves to see what has become of you, as you close your hearts and minds to present day immigrants and asylum seekers, people who are only trying to do the very best for their children, much as your ancestors did for you, their progeny, their descendants, who now sadly fail to understand and appreciate what America is all about.

ICE has become a Gestapo-like force that’s out of control, instilling fear in so many hard working immigrant families, including the undocumented among these families, families who have made Queens one of the most diverse, growing and innovative places in the USA. Bravo to NYC and other communities & politicians for realizing that fact, and for acting to control the tentacles of ICE. We already have an effective & professional police force to protect us from true criminals in NYC —both native-born and foreign-born. We don’t need or want these Feds roaming our streets, work places and communities, and terrorizing decent people and their families who happen to be undocumented.

Our national motto is E Pluibus Unum: From Many, One. And our national symbol – that symbol that inspired & welcomed our grateful ancestors to these shores – is the Statue of Liberty — not detention camps, not children dying in the custody of the Trump’s Border Patrol, not the refusal of legitimate asylum seekers, not the separation of parents & young children, and not the denial of DACA students. All that is un-American, truly & shamefully un-American, and I pray that we as a people are better than this.

The hope and beauty and future of America is in the immigrant roots and branches of our diverse American family – NOT shameful lies, hatred, & politically motivated divisions. Don’t built a WALL around your heart – and your conscience. For as holocaust survivor Elie Weisel once said: “No person is illegal”. I pity you if you fail to comprehend that most essential human value.

Christopher Bell

However, 107 were convicted criminals or pending charges. Not too shabby. Also, shows what’s really living in those neighborhoods.


Your comment is based on a false premise. If somebody is here illegally – they have already committed a crime. You are soft on that crime, so you are no more qualified than a drunk that thinks that drunk driving is okay. We are a nation of laws. People coming here with little to no desire to follow those laws are not welcome. Fox News is not faux news. It it not entirely opinion-based like CNN with their commentators. Fox uses numbers and statistics. There are illegals – people who do not come into the country correctly. Trust me, my grandparents did all the heavy lifting and were proud to become Americans. This is absolutely not the case.


And here is where you show your insanity…. You’re choosing crime over me – somebody you don’t even know. Trust me, if more people like me didn’t move out of East Elmhurst, you wouldn’t be so afraid to walk around at night…. This is why things don’t change.

Sara Ross

Stan Chaz
My grandparents came here through Ellis Island when there were no social programs. I don’t think most people would come here if there were no social programs, which most people think are their lifetime banks. I’m also against calling any large corporation (ever call the IRS?) and hear “for english press 1”.


With all the racism, antisemitism, and general hate I consider everyone to be a threat to society!

Kewl Dood

Anyone who thinks sex criminals and thieves who are here illegally need to be deported is a racist white supremacist…millennial social justice is coming for you…and also bike lanes and I love AOC


I am a Latino man – not a white anything

I don’t care if you are black, blue, red or green

If you are a criminal and are illegal alien in this country

Your ass deserves to be deported !



Thank Goodness for President Trump keeping our communities safe!

As living in Queens, I am often bewildered how many illegals are around and how ICE hasn’t done enough in the way of enforcement.


I’m against people coming here illegally (my grandparents came here through Ellis Island and that was a very hard process to go through), but how do people know how many people have work visas or are going through the green card process? I’m not defending them, but in my neighborhood we have so many freakin Russians who pay with SNAP, NYS benefit cards, get better health insurance than I have, yet have luxury cars and build those butt ugly homes in the neighborhood (after tearing down beautiful old tudor homes). I just believe in coming to this country the right way and following the laws. In their own country, if they did these things, they’d probably be killed.


I also have G-parents who arrived turn-of-the century via Ellis and I’m damm proud of it! We had their names put on the wall years ago. They arrived, gave thanks and contributed to this country and never looked back! #PROUDTOBEANELLISOFFSPRING

Sara Ross

I had my grandparents names put on the wall at Ellis Island when they first were offering it. I surprised my mother with the certificate for Mother’s Day at the time. I went to Ellis Island recently and I’m glad that since they had to renovate everything after Sandy, my grandparents’ plaque is not facing the water so they are protected.


Don’t blame the russians for working harder than you!!

Clearly their ambitious & motivation got them those luxuries you wish you had!

How about you reevaluate YOUR goals & ask yourself what is holding you back from achieving what those russians achieved. Best believe the russians and you have the same 7 days in the week & same 24hrs in a day!

Trump lost the battle to Build the Wall despite the longest government shutdown in our nation's history

How did he keep us safe?


Keep us safe ?
From what ?

He can’t even keep himself safe ….
Polluted with corruption

Wall ?

The Mexican Govt will pay for it he said … when running for President

Then make it happen !

He is just a big mouth with zero value on it !

Them goes on punishing 800K innocent people ….

Such a bastard !


I’m curious how do you know they are illegals? Do they wear a sign that says I am illegal . Or are you judging them (the illigals). Because they don’t look like you ?


Statistics. How about that murdered at the 90th Street station. 13 arrests, illegal. Multiply that by a few million, and you have a recipe that requires you all have bars on your windows and are afraid to walk the streets at night. You think that’s freedom?

Fed up

Cuomo + Blasio + Cortez = on the side of criminals, who are they protecting? certainly NOT the law abiding taxpayer.
“these individuals, who often have significant criminal histories, are released onto the street, presenting a public safety threat.”


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