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Forest Hills Teacher Wins Award for Worst Commute


March 20, 2018 By Tara Law

A transit advocacy group selected a Forest Hills resident for a dubious distinction on Monday— the New Yorker with the worst subway commute of the week.

Second-grade teacher Laura Taylor left her Brooklyn school after a parent-teacher conference at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and did not arrive home for two and a half hours after delays caused by a signal malfunction at the Bergen Street station along the F/G line, according to grass roots organization Riders Alliance.

The group announced Taylor’s “victory” the same day the MTA acknowledged that the subway’s on-time performance hit an all-time low in January, according to the New York Times. Only 58.1 percent of trains arrived on time that month. Unfortunately for Taylor, the F train was singled out as the worst offender, with only 32.2 percent of trains arriving on time.

The Riders Alliance holds the contest each week to draw attention to the plight of subway riders in New York, according to the organization’s website.

Taylor’s saga began when she climbed into a Brooklyn subway shortly after 7:30 p.m. She waited 20 minutes for a train, which then slowly rolled through Brooklyn and into Manhattan. She switched onto the D train and then onto the E.

“I finally got home at just about 10PM,” wrote Taylor. “I got in bed, ready to wake up again at 5:45.”

As a prize for enduring her lengthy commute, Taylor will receive a chocolate MetroCard from the Riders Alliance.

For your chance to have your commute named the worst commute of the week, visit the link. Entries are due by midnight each Friday.


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Worse trains for the last decade
E,F , R,
They all Tun on the same track after 9 pm , making all local stops in queens averages time from one station to another , 20 min , if you lucky

They should allow only one line to run on the track after 9:00 pm
Anyway no matter what train it is , it will make all the same local stops all the way to forest hills .
I already got use to , traveling from Lexington ave to Kew gardens
2:00 hrs , or 2:30 hrs .

Is the time a bus takes from port authority to Philadelphia ?

Harry Ballsagna

You should learn how the subway works. They might all make the same stops IN QUEENS, but these routes diverge in Manhattan and then into Brooklyn. You may think so, but you’re not the center of the universe.

Hakan Dursun

O do late night commute to Forest Hills from 34th street stations both on E or F and they really suck! Because these supposedly express trains never run express after 22:00 Pm.


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