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Forest Hills High School Principal Resigns After Months of Condemnation

Forest Hills High School at 67-01 110th Street
(Photo: InsideSchools)

June 4, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

Forest Hills High School Principal Ben Sherman resigned on Monday after facing months of complaints and criticism from school staff and parents.

Sherman announced his resignation yesterday in an email to school staffers, just days before a planned protest at the school to demand his removal was set to take place, the New York Post reported.

Sherman, who started at the school in 2017, came under fire in recent months for reportedly allowing the school to slide downhill, due largely in part to failing to punish students for smoking marijuana. Teachers reported being bombarded with the smell of pot in the hallways and classrooms.

During his time at the school, Sherman implemented an open bathroom policy, which left the bathrooms unlocked for student use at all times. He also removed aides who signed students in and out of the bathrooms. Students reportedly began using the restrooms to smoke, vape, cut class and vandalize school property.

Sherman also removed aides from the locker rooms at the school, causing the number of thefts to skyrocket, one teacher reported. He also reportedly made several inappropriate comments to both staff and students. 

On Feb. 14, the staff hit Sherman with a vote of no confidence, 195 to 21.

Following his resignation announcement, Sherman moved into a new role with the Department of Education on Monday, where he will work in the office of the First Deputy Chancellor.

“We thank Principal Sherman for his leadership at Forest Hills High School and look forward to his continued contributions to the DOE,” said a spokesperson for the DOE. “We’ll work closely with the community on the principal search process to ensure Forest Hills has the right long-term leader in place.”

Sean Davenport will remain as the Supervising Superintendent at Forest Hills High school and will continue to oversee day-to-day operations through the end of the school year. A new acting principal is expected to be in place by the end of the week.

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Why is no one commenting on the student’s behavior, he did not raise them. Proper education and manners start at home. This is a school not a jail. We should not judge this man without knowing his history and career or issues within this school, maybe he has done great work elsewhere, and fail to control this situation, should his career be over because of it? maybe so, just don’t jump to judgement without having facts.

Tyronne Fauntleroy

He resigned?? u mean a vested pension. He still gets 24% of his final yrs earnings when he turns Geritol age 55 . Yeah some deal!! yep gets a pension check and bennies that will be paid out in a few yrs . This isn’t the end its a beginning for him. Baltimore LA he city of Compton and Oakland will give him a job faster than u can bat an eyelash . Yep an another pension from CALIPERS system after 10 yrs . He still gets over guys and galls period

Dawn Lafferty

OMG!! WHAT has happened to my Alma Mater ? I graduated in ’72 from a high rated education system that was held in good standings!! SO SAD!


Incredible. “Principal completely fails at job – resigns and is given new position within DOE”. Man, I’d sure love to have that kind of job security. Why is he still working in DOE at all??

Reward incompetence

Why couldn’t he have been removed sooner? And then after he resigns he gets another job working in Administration. This is how the DOE operates. They reward incompetence.


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