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Cuomo Changes COVID-19 Nursing Home Policy

(Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

May 11, 2020 By Christian Murray

Gov. Andrew Cuomo appears to have reversed course on his past ruling requiring nursing home operators to readmit seniors who have been treated elsewhere for COVID-19.

Cuomo, on March 25, ordered nursing homes to readmit seniors who had been treated at hospitals and other facilities for COVID-19.

Yesterday, Cuomo said nursing home residents now must test negative before they are allowed back into their nursing home facility.

Cuomo had been subject to much criticism for his March 25 directive. While nursing home patients are kept separate from the rest of the residents—many argue that it has put other seniors at risk. Some say that nursing homes don’t have the space for COVID-19 patients to be properly isolated.

His critics say that his policy—requiring readmission—added to the number of fatalities at nursing homes.

Cuomo said that this new directive was not a significant change of policy, since nursing home operators have always had the ability to transfer residents elsewhere if they believe they couldn’t provide the necessary care.

Cuomo also announced an additional requirement to increase safety Sunday. All nursing home staff must undergo increased testing.

“Today we’re taking additional steps to protect residents of nursing homes,” Cuomo said. “All nursing home staff must now be tested twice a week. That’s not just a temperature check. That is a diagnostic test.”

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These 2 useless politicians in NYS (Cuomo and DeBlasio) have brought down this great State to it’s knees.
The Corona Virus, AKA the Wuhan Virus exposed these 2 corrupt politicians as incapable of running New York State, and especially, New York City.
Before the Corona Virus took over, New York State had a deficit of $6.1 billion, while we had the great economy ever.
These 2 created a social state out of New York. We used to be at one time an envy of the Country. Now look at us.
In New York City lost population in the last 5 years. Yet, Queens had a 500,000 increase in the last 5 year. Population increased, while we had 5 hospitals closed.
In North West QUeens we were left with Elmhurst Hospital to service nearly 2 million.

Were they so dumb, or just bad leaders?

Now they are begging yo be saved by the president, while NYS already received more than any other state by far.


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