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Chase Bank to Close Two Forest Hills Locations, Consolidate With Nearby Branches

Chase Bank located at 99-00 Metropolitan Ave (Google Maps)

May 28, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

Two Chase Bank branches in Forest Hills will be closing this summer and merged with nearby locations.

The first to close, on June 26, will be the branch located at 63-63 108 St. This location will be consolidated with the Chase Bank branch at 97-41 Queens Blvd. in Rego Park.

Chase Bank located at 63-63 108 St (Google Maps)

The second Chase slated to close is located at 99-00 Metropolitan Ave. This location will close on August 26 and will be consolidated with the Chase branch at 71-04 Woodhaven Blvd.

The closures are part of Chase’s corporate plan to consolidate branches where traffic is low.

The bank has consolidated other branches in the area in recent times. Chase closed its 100-26 Queens Blvd. location in March 2018 and consolidated it with its 104-17 Queens Blvd. branch.

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it’s called corporate greed, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing JPMorgan cares about is presenting strong earnings reports to stock holders. by consolidated locations that’s how they accomplish it. Not that complicated and nothing to do with Queens hate or with race. get hold of yourselves please


When Melinda Katz stopped functioning as Borough President, she left a huge, destructive void.


This is suspect.
Back in November NYT went on a month long propaganda campaign spinning Queens as dangerous, sweaty, low class – and continues this in occasional articles. By contrast, Brooklyn is frequently pumped up with beauty shots, and lovely development plans (even though their crime pockets are worse than in Queens.)
Instead of welcoming Amazon, the NYT ridiculed Bezos and his company, and gave disproportionate weight on tiny opposition groups like the AOC crowd.
Melinda Katz, borough president, remained strangely mute.
So Amazon bolted, quickly followed by Citibank, taking away a thousand jobs. More recently, a fairly obscure bank announced it was moving its HQ out of Queens. And now Chase is cutting back.
Add to this De Blasio’s ruining one of Queen’s middle class areas with a homeless shelter (increasing crime for a mile around the shelter – a celebrity chef closed down his restaurant saying “the neighborhood has changed”), and De Blasio trying to stick one in yet another middle class neighborhood. Plus planning a 27 story jail tower in a residential neighborhood.
Add to this all the mystery construction on Queens Blvd. (De Blasio doesn’t tell his secrets, until it is too late for the community to act). But with all the talk about low income housing, one can’t help but figure this is where we’re heading.
Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out there are plans going on to shove the middle class out of Queens?
Who? Why? Do developers want to herd the middle class into Brooklyn and Manhattan?
When we eventually find out, we will be told that it is to help poor minorities, and anyone against it is a racist.
Racism has evolved into a strategy to back big business – even the response to the movement to ban furs is that it was racist to deny Afro Americans the right to purchase furs. And those against closing Rikers are told that they, too, are racist, because most of the inmates are of color.
Even though many Afro Americans are against the closing.
Queens is going to have to put up a fight.
Queens is also going to have to get a forward-thinking Borough President, start a solid campaign to attract business, and a publicity campaign to show some of its gorgeous neighborhoods – or else prepare to lose them.


Right on the mark. And yes Melinda Katz silence during all of these changes soaeks volumes.

Zaira mandala

It sucks. Jobs are disappearing while the big guys reap the benefits. Older people suffer the most because sometimes they cannot get to inaccessible branches


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