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Car Crashes into Forest Hills Ramen Restaurant, Four People Sent to Hospital

June 25, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A car crashed into the front of a Forest Hills ramen restaurant earlier today, sending four individuals to the hospital with minor injuries.

The car, a silver Nissan, drove into the front of Tamashii Ramen, located at 71-34 Austin St., just after 11 a.m., police said. It is unknown what caused the driver to hop the curb and hit the restaurant, and an investigation remains ongoing. 

Four individuals were transported to hospitals to be treated for their injuries, a spokesperson for the FDNY said. It is unclear whether any of the injured individuals is the driver.

The Department of Buildings has not issued a vacate order on the building.

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Jason Don

The White Range Rover came down the 71st Rd colliding with the Nissan Sentra and cause hoping the curb


Install speed bumps but that isn’t the issue… between all the distracted pedestrians walking and texting, the deluge of inexperienced uber drivers and congestion overall you have a perfect storm and this is the outcome.


What they need on this particular block is a stop sign or light. There are many cars that speed on Austin between 71St Ave. and Ascan Ave. Too long a gap without sign or light. Pedestrians always crossing At this very spot


Yes they need a light on that corner. Too many people crossing the street there & it’s not safe.

Trevor W. Frith

Was it driver error or the way we taught them to brake? Blame the driver if old or women. Never blame those in charge of driver legislation who forced driver to brake an automatic car using the “Killer” right foot braking method. No scientific justification other than that’s the way it’s always been taught. Right foot braking dangerous compared to simpler, safer Left Foot Braking Method. See DOT HS 811 597, 812 058 and 812 431 Score to date, 150,000 (19 every day) dead, millions injured.

Al Aloni

How could DeBlasio’s stupid Vision Zero rules prepare for this? I know. No more cars in this city!!

not sarcasm

Locals don’t hate bike lanes….they just hate the obnoxious hipsters who use them 🙂

Anonymous biker

I’m a 56-year old long distance endurance cyclist, I’m hardly a hipster, and certainly not obnoxious. In addition, I’m a law-abiding citizen and educator who pays his taxes.

Perhaps you want to review your personal prejudices? Because your comment IS obnoxious. So are you.

You had me until

“not at all obnoxious”

Then you are one out of a trillion bicyclists who are polite, courteous and law abiding.


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