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6-Year-Old Boy Assaulted by Emotionally Disturbed Homeless Man in Kew Gardens

Metropolitan Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard (Google Maps)

Oct. 11, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A 6-year-old boy was assaulted by an emotionally disturbed homeless man right outside his grandfather’s Kew Gardens home yesterday.

The boy was standing in the driveway of the home near Metropolitan Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard just before 5 p.m. on Thursday when a 35-year-old homeless man randomly attacked him. The man, Laurance Gendreau- who has a history of mental illness, was walking in the area when he suddenly picked up the boy and threw him on the ground, police said.

The boy landed on his face and was taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center for a facial contusion and hemorrhaging to the brain, according to the police.

Police arrested Gendreau close to the scene of the incident and charged him with assault, acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17 and harassment.

The 6-year-old’s grandfather, Rabbi Naftali Portnoy, told reporters his grandson and his brother were waiting for a pizza delivery in the family’s driveway when Gendreau randomly attacked him.

He said he heard Gendreau tell police that he was bipolar and that he was shouting something about killing, according to the New York Daily News.

Portnoy said his grandson was in stable, but critical condition. “Have him in your prayers,” he said.


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Does anyone know the status of this little boy? I hope she’s alright. I hope this animal is exterminated.


If only all the residents who protested this and the citizens of surrounding areas who did not want this shelter were heard then this would not have occurred. The same politicians say that if we remove one gun from the streets to save one person it is worth it. If we remove this one shelter to save the masses then it will be worth it. Close this place down already and place them in hospitals or more appropriate housing in a proper area.


Hopefully, the family will sue.
It is irresponsible to put a homeless shelter that includes mentally ill men in a safe family neighborhood.


The family will sue this Mayor.
He deceived Kew Gardens by not telling them mentally ill men would be placed in this shelter.


The Mayor is on a mission to bust up middle-class neighborhoods in Queens. His developer pals think it will make Brooklyn more attractive to buyers.
In reality, it ruins the city all around.
In a few years, they’ll be driving out the middle class from Brooklyn to try get them over to their Rikers Island condos.
Once this kind of thing starts it doesn’t stop.

John O'Reilly

I feel terrible for the boy’s family and want to commend the grace of his grandfather who was interviewed on TV. Soon there will be a better, more understanding NYC, recently concocted by self anointed “progressives”, where jails in NYC will be eliminated after Riker’s closes. The order of the day will be kindness and understanding for the likes of the monster who harmed this little boy. Bandwagon jumpers like Jimmy Van Bramer are already urging the self labelled “Just New York City” while victims like the young man here are ignored. New Yorkers are fortunate that programs like “ThriveNYC” are already in place to provide solace to the less fortunate who find themselves commenting crimes like smashing the head of a young child into concrete. I wonder where other elected officials like Karen Koslowitz and Melinda Katz, and seekers to office like Elizabeth Crowley, stand on “No Jail NYC”?

Robert mapplethorpe

Our socialist councilmen and women or what ever gender they are will side with the vagrant


And this is why I bailed out of Forest Hills and moved myself to Boca Raton. I used to love NYC but the extreme rent and increasing violence on the streets isn’t worth it.


Boca Raton certainly is a crime free paradise…big house on the inter-coastal waterway with a center console Grady White docked behind my house is my dream come true

Florida Cool

Don’t confuse Mac with the facts. He hates Red State America and anyone who is not a communist.


This post is similar to the girl who says “I am over my ex-boyfriend. He is was so crappy!” but still stalks his FB and IG accounts and asks about him. If you left and it was so bad why are you interested or following news in FH/KG?


This is absolutely horrible. The family should sue queens councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, NYC mayor de Blasio and queens borough president Melinda Katz. Koslowitz allowed the homeless shelter in Kew Gardens. They like to hold meetings about quality of life and how homeless shelters or jails don’t have any impact on residential communities, now this are the consequences. Mentally ill do not belong in homeless shelters, jails or the streets, they should get treatment and stay in hospitals until they can function in a society. Call her office and complain and I would definitely get a lawyer and sue the city.

Sara Ross

What about an investigation into where the money is going that Mayor Moron gave to Mrs. Mayor Moron to help the mentally ill?


Unfortunately this kind of thing is bound to increase. With a homeless shelter and a prison coming, good luck. All this added to the astronomical price a house costs in Kew Gardens, thanks Bozo!


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