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Crunching the Queens crime stats: Number of burglaries drop, assault cases increase

Sep. 19, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

The NYPD’s crime stats for northern and southern Queens precincts spanning Sept. 11 to Sept. 17 reveal that the number of burglaries throughout the borough has dropped, while felony assault cases increased.


QNS illustration


QNS illustration

One thing that remained completely the same compared to last year was the fact that there wasn’t a single murder case across any of the precincts in northern and southern Queens. There wasn’t much of a drastic change in rape cases. Northern Queens saw the cases shrink from seven last year to four this year. After reporting just one case across each precinct last year, southern Queens saw five such cases this year.

There was very little change in the amount of robberies reported across northern Queens, rising from 50 to 52. Three of the eight precincts — the 110th (15), 114th (nine) and 115th (nine) — experienced the same amount of cases as last year. While southern Queens saw a larger growth in robbery cases compared to last year, the total amounts of 23 last year and 33 this year are much lower than those seen in northern Queens.

The number of felony assault cases in northern Queens experienced a large increase, from 39 last year to 60 this year. This change is in large part due to the cases rising from 11 to 21 in the 110th Precinct and from four to 17 in the 114th Precinct. Southern Queens experienced a similar rise in felony assaults, going from 46 t0 61. The main contributing factor to this change was the number of cases in the 101st Precinct drastically increasing from one case last year to 12 this year.

Burglaries in northern Queens experienced a drop, from 43 to 29. While only four of the eight precincts saw a drop, the 109th Precinct experienced a deep decline, from 19 last year to five this year. Southern Queens also saw its number of burglary cases drop by 14, from 28 to 14. Five of the eight precincts saw a decline in this crime category. The 101st and 107th precincts didn’t even have any cases this year after experiencing three and nine respectively last year.

Grand larceny was the most common crime in northern Queens, both this year and last year. There was a small decrease in cases, from 141 to 136. However, half the precincts experienced an increase while the other half had a decrease. The precincts with the largest increases included the 110th (17 to 25) and 114th (18 to 27), while the most notable decreases were seen in the 109th (32 to 20), 111th (13 to eight) and 112th (13 to six) precincts.

The amount of grand larceny crimes reported in southern Queens pales in comparison to northern Queens. However, unlike with northern Queens, southern Queens experienced a large increase in these cases, from 55 last year to 90. None of the precincts experienced a year-over-year decline and only the 100th and 113th precincts saw no change. Grand larceny crimes increased from 0 to 10 in the 101st Precinct, eight to 13 in the 102nd, 10 to 15 in the 103rd, seven to 14 in the 105th, nine to 12 in the 106th and from 13 to 18 in the 107th.

The number of cases of grand larceny of automobiles in northern Queens rose from 63 to 76. Five of the eight precincts saw an increase in this crime, with the largest increases experienced at the 104th (six to 11), 108th (14 to 18) and 112th (one to seven) precincts.

Overall, southern Queens barely saw any change in the amount of grand larcenies of automobiles compared to last year, lowering from 39 to 38. The 103rd (four to seven), 105th (five to nine), 106th (three to seven) and 113th (five to seven) precincts each experienced increases, while the 101st (two to one), 102nd (eight to four) and 103rd (12 to eight) precincts each saw decreases. After experiencing no cases last year, the 100th Precinct again didn’t have any such cases this year.

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